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Burrill Green Corporate Security Business School (BGCSBS)

Post-Graduate Programmes for Senior Corporate Security Practitioners, Directors and
other senior functional managers with cross-functional responsibilities for Security.

The Corporate Security Business School is a global post-graduate level institution, founded and operated by the Burrill Green consultancy, specialising in best in-class corporate management security practices, career development and professional career placements.

Burrill Green CSBS has a strategic partnership with the MIS Training Institute [ www.misti.com ] to produce and deliver the highest standard of teaching and content. The MIS Training Institute, already leaders in training IT security, Fraud, Risk and Audit professionals, runs 500 courses a year. This year's prestigious programme with MIS is the Corporate and Cyber Security Master Class. The starting point for Burrill Green and MIS is to advocate that the most profitable security strategy will emerge from networked coalitions. Our courses aim to make this viable and pragmatic across a wide-range of business operations and organisations. For the Corporate and Cyber Security Master Class specifically, details on the syllabus, plus information on dates, locations, availability of places and fees can be found on  www.mistieurope.com/247 .

With a primary focus on Scandinavia and the Baltic States, Burrill Green also provides corporate security training on behalf of Praesidio [ www.praesidiogroup.com ] which is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Praesidio delivers high-grade security services to both the public and private sectors, and is particularly committed to our training values. For dates, fees and enrolment procedures please go to  www.praesidiogroup.com 

The Burrill Green Corporate Security Business School is dedicated to helping you enhance your ability to make a positive difference in your business or organisation.

We combine unparalleled hands-on experience with innovative programme materials, and immerse you in real case-studies. We stretch you intellectually, an experience our delegates welcome and acknowledge. We also offer a unique service of continuing coaching and mentoring for current and past corporate security business school delegates.

All Burrill Green CSBS courses and programmes are designed to enable successful delegates to demonstrate accruing skills and experience to current and potential future employers.

As with most graduate programmes, each has a value, and accumulated value can be used to contribute either to our most senior award - the Secure Advantage™ Masters Diploma, or through credits issued by MIS. Each course contains uniquely valuable career-building knowledge, whether you elect to accrue credits or not.

Upon successful completion of each programme you receive a Burrill Green CSBS Certificate of Attendance. If you are enrolled in one of our University-affiliate post-graduate programmes, your credits will contribute to that course as agreed with each partnering University.

Wherever you are, if you are educated to graduate level, with a working knowledge of English, we offer corporate security courses in many parts of the world.

We also organise and conduct in-house courses for individual businesses and organisations. We tailor specific programmes for clients whose needs require specialised input. For in-house courses, we can help you to find another company to share and reduce the cost.

Our corporate security programmes are intensive and interactive. They can be conducted over 2-5 days, according to specific delegate and organisation needs.

Each session consists of a strategic keynote presentation, followed by seminar discussions and linked scenario-based exercises. The seniority and breadth of experience of tutors and participants ensures that debate is intense and that analysis of current and best practices is rigorous throughout.

Who should attend? - Security professionals and Directors and senior executives from Legal, Finance, Audit, IT, Compliance, Public Affairs and other functions which impact on Security’s scope to add value to any business or organisation.

Here are just some perspectives on our unique corporate security management learning programmes:

* "The best corporate security management training I have ever attended"
* "Substantially increased my global knowledge of security and a broader understanding of why
    corporate security is a fundamental requirement"
* "Your wealth of experience is second to none that I have seen in the security profession"
* " . . . thank you for a great course and for the first time in a long time being taken out of my comfort zone"
* Identity-Protected. Confidential References Available.
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